A Dance Teacher’s Passion for the Art

DanceDazeInternHello everyone! My name is Jamie Fields and I am a junior at Saint Mary’s College of California. I am majoring in psychology and minoring in dance. The past few years have helped me realize that my dream is to work with children in whatever I end up doing after college.

I have been dancing since I was four years old, starting with ballet and progressing to jazz, modern, lyrical, and Irish step dancing. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing teachers over the years and being a part of Saint Mary’s College Dance Company (SMCDC) has helped me grow, as an artist and a person, and allowed me to have so many wonderful experiences. I have worked with Dana Lawton, Shaunna Vella, Rogelio Lopez, Cathy Davalos, and more. I have never enjoyed anything in life as much as dance. The feelings that come with moving through a space and owning every moment of it, no restrictions; that is the best experience. Whenever I step into the studio or onto the stage, all fears, reservations, and outside thoughts just slip away.

DanceDazeDancersI learned about Dance Daze, Inc. by a chance encounter with a friend who knew a teacher at my college. I was inspired by the organization and eager to get involved. My experience with Dance Daze, Inc. has been great so far. The children are wonderful and it is an amazing opportunity to get to help in such a developmental way. My goal is to be able to bless these kids with a creative outlet and center for their lives. I believe that dance, and art of any kind, can heal the soul and open so many doors. Arts programs have sadly been declining in schools because of budget cuts and I am happy that I have a chance to help change that.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my dance life and the passion I have for dance. I hope that you are inspired to live a life full of dance and passion as well.

Much love and God bless,


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