“Being a teacher is never an easy job….”

This blog is a reflection from our Dance Daze® in Schools Chan Fellow, Aiyu Li. She is an exchange student from China, and is spending this semester studying abroad in the United States, taking classes at UC Berkeley, and is a development and teaching intern for Dance Daze® in Schools. You may learn more about Aiyu Li and her fellowship program here: https://dancedazeinterns.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/chan-fellows-at-dance-daze/

I was sick for an entire week, but I was still glad that so many cute kids were waiting for me at school.

Being a teacher is never an easy job. I take on a lot of responsibilities when I am teaching the children. I attended an event called SLSO (Student Leaders in Service Orientation) at UC Berkeley. There was one workshop that focused on what concerns we should have when working with children. Usually, people might think about how to make the children safe. I was thinking about how to be objective. In my opinion, I do not have the most stable values at my age, which means I do not necessarily want to be responsible for influencing kids when it comes to values. That’s why being objective is really important.

On Sunday, October 20th, I was invited to attend a workshop for teachers. We talked about the Common Core State Standards. I think it is quite necessary for someone to do this–make the rules. As far as I am concerned, it seems that America does not have enough principles for all the schools, and each school can decide their own future. On one hand, this allows schools have more freedom and flexibility. On the other hand, people might lose the directions and find difficulty in evaluation and management.


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