Chan Fellows at Dance Daze

In August, we mentioned that one of our Dance Daze in Schools interns is leading dance classes at a charter school in Oakland, California. Now we’d like to tell you a bit more about her! Our intern, Aiyu, comes to us all the way from China, and is a 2012 W. T. Chan Fellow at UC Berkeley. During the week, she works out of the Dance Daze offices, focusing on fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and organization development. She has also been conducting interviews with artists, educators, and program directors at schools and nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco East Bay Area. In addition to all this, Aiyu heads a dance program at Yu Ming Charter School in Oakland and also tutors students at the school in advanced math. We are happy to be one of the nonprofit organizations that the UC Berkeley Chan Fellows are interning with this year, and we are grateful for our wonderful Chan Fellow, Aiyu!

Look out for more information about Dance Daze in Schools intern Aiyu and her current projects in the coming weeks!

– Saumirah McWoodson
Founder and CEO, Dance Daze® in Schools


4 thoughts on “Chan Fellows at Dance Daze

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