Reflections from Our Volunteer Social Media Assistant

Photo Credit: Amber Ferguson

After participating and capturing one day with the children at the school in Washington, D.C., through Dance Daze® in Schools, I learned how creative children really are with expressing themselves through movement. Working with two groups of kids ages 3-5, I saw the amazement in their eyes when the lead dance instructor showed them dance moves using scarves and how much they enjoyed stretching like a butterfly.

Since the school is taught in English and Spanish instruction many of the activities incorporated both languages. For repetitive motions they counted in Spanish and the experience allowed me to brush up on my Español. What I found most interesting was how the children worked so well together. During the shadow/leader activity the kids absorbed the instruction and followed their partner’s actions fantastically. I also loved how curious and observant the children were. I got a ton of questions on the braces on my teeth and how to take pictures with an iPad.

I discovered that with this group of children, it is important to always have variety in the activities to keep their attention. They had so much energy and excitement during the entire process that I didn’t want to leave! Towards the end of the session for the free dance portion, the Dance Daze® instructor played Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” and the kids went crazy with joy, especially the girls. They threw their colorful scarves in the air, twirled in circles, leaped like frogs, and had an awesome time. I would love to continue being involved in Dance Daze® in Schools because the children were so nice to work with and the experience brought me back to my childhood. I found dance photography to be engaging, dynamic, and continuous. Overall, I consider Dance Daze® in School to be one of the highlights of my summer.

– Amber


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