First Day Jitters and Remembering Respect!

This was my first week as the official dance teacher at the school. Going in and parking in the parking lot of the school, I was nervous, and I had thoughts like, “What if they don’t listen to me?” and “What if I run out of activities?”

I had a Dance Daze® in Schools Volunteer with me who helped me through the first day by repeating my instructions to the kids that were talking to their friends or not obeying. Let’s just say that Wednesday was overwhelming because I was not expecting so many kids in each class. (I had over 25 kids in each class.) It was hard to line them up, give them all instructions as a whole, and go through the activities I had planned for them. Friday I must say, I was a bit nervous that it would happen again, but I prepared myself better by reviewing my papers from Coaching Corps training, and from the Dance Daze® Manual that my Dance Daze® Supervisor gave me. It really enforced my confidence that I can teach children, and that I want to be a good role model to them. I want to be someone that they can look up to and admire. I want them to love dance class and see it as a place where they are comfortable and be who they are. I found out that this is what motivates me to go back to the school.

My second day as an intern, I came into the classroom (we use the music room at the school for dance class which has a lot of space), very optimistic, energetic, and excited. I felt more confident than on Wednesday. One thing that was different from the first day is that I had fewer kids in each class (about 25 in one and 23 in the other), so it was overall easier to manage them as a whole, and we got through a lot of what I had planned. This time, I reminded my kids at the start of the class of the four Dance Daze® Guidelines. I emphasized the importance of respect to the teacher, and respect to others. When it started becoming loud, I mentioned respect, and most of the children would listen. We played a getting-to-know-you game, and everyone participated. Then we moved on to a fun warm up to the Cupid Shuffle Dance. After that was stretching, and I made everyone count out loud with me. I tried a new stretching combo with the older kids, in which they get with a partner and help each other stretch. They like getting into partners. I will note that for next time. I did some across the floor exercises, and then freestyle which they liked. The after-school program director gave me a list of the names of the children in each class that were there that day. I will try to memorize the names and hopefully remember them by next week. Also, there is a volunteer from a local high school, and she helps me out in my dance class sometimes. On Friday she helped me manage the music for the kids. I don’t know her name but will ask her next time. Overall, Friday was a great class, I still have some work to do in order to get it to be very functioning and well, and for the students to really get to know me. Looking forward to what awaits me next class!

– Janille


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